Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil



He was a good man once,im just kidding he is a f*****g asshole,he is so mean and EVIL and so,so,so EVIL!!!He is the most evilest evil king of evilness of all

Molecule of Obsidian energy

evil guys that are very,very,very EVIL!!!

Story 2Edit

He betrayed everyone,and want to rule the univerzum with his evil corporation.No one know what he look like.But everyone hate him because he is so evil.Someone says that he found the mysterios energy called Obsidian(later he named his company like that) from space that can operate machines and operate his giant army of evil machines to rule the everything!

Name Dr. Evil
Surname Unknown
Species Unknown
Favourite food Definitly a pizza
Friends His servantes,himself,MAN(once)
Enemies MAN,Black guy,Indian bird guy,firemen(he is dead),The Protectors,the police and all other peoples that dont want to be his servants
Mentors Unknown
Titles EVIL,Dr. Evil,Evil master,Evil professor,Evil lord Evilmord,Evil king,Evil and bla bla bla other EVIL stuff...
Weapons Unknown